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Mexico is a land of great variety, not only in terms of its geography and climate, but culturally and economically as well. Its capital, Mexico City, is a metropolis of over 21 million, and is home to the beautiful "Zona Rosa" neighborhood. Not far away are the ruins of the ancient Aztec capital, Teotihuacan, with its grand plazas and pyramids. Mexican families tend to be close knit, and children typically live at home with their parents until marriage.

The cultural rhythm is slower than in the U.S., and includes a lot of social interaction in town squares. Host families are generally very warm and vibrant with plenty of opportunity for conversation and cultural exchange.

Academic Programs Include

Semester, year-long, and short term (1-3 month) programs are available. The Mexican school year is similar to that in the United States, and runs September to June. Two years of previous Spanish language study is recommended but not required. Our Mexican host families live in smaller cities in various parts of Mexico. Extracurricular activities are available in the schools, though many sporting activities take place in the general community. Both public and private schools are available, as is tutoring.

Program Costs Includes homestay, school, flight, and health and accident insurance

Length Cost (in USDs)
1-3 month $3000-3800
Semester $5250-5850
Academic Year $6000-6750

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