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With 1.3 billion people, China is by far the most populous nation on Earth. The country is experiencing an economic renaissance, especially in the larger cities along the Eastern seaboard. Many languages are spoken in China, with Mandarin as the official language and the most popular in Northern China, and Cantonese spoken primarily in the South. The Chinese civilization is one of the oldest in the World, with magnificent architecture dating back several millennia from numerous imperial dynasties. The capital city, Beijing, hosted the summer Olympics in 2008 and showed the world a dynamic modern city as well as its incredible ancient temples and history.

Though China remains an authoritarian communist state, the government has significantly loosened the reigns in regards to the Chinese peoples\\\' contact with foreigners, resulting in increased tourism and a heightened demand to learn English and interact with Americans. Expect host families to have many questions about the American way of life and a strong desire to get to know people from the US better.

Academic Programs Include

Short-term (3-12 week) homestays are currently available in China. Previous Chinese language study is not required, but recommended. U.S. students attend Chinese high schools as visitors, not as enrolled students. Our home stay families live mainly in the Changsha city area, which is near the ancestral home of Chairman Mao. These home stays usually include cultural and historic travel, including a visit to Shanghai.

Program Costs Includes homestay, school, health and accident insurance and excursions. A very special teacher led 3-week Homestay/ Excursions Adventure is offered.



Length Cost (in USDs)
3-12 weeks




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Costa Rica



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