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The "Land Down Under" is usually associated just with kangaroos, crocodile hunters, and oversized beverages, but there is so much more to this island continent than what these stereotypes portray. For one, the cities of Sydney and Melbourne are two of the world's most modern metropolises, with ethnically diverse populations of about four million inhabitants apiece. Most Australians live on the coasts, in urban or suburban areas, and the country is very sports orientated, with roughly 25% of all persons 15 years and older playing at least one league sport on a regular basis.

The government is a parliamentary system that maintains close ties to Great Britain, and the Australian Dollar is the official currency (1$ USD = 1.34 AUD). From its coastal beaches to the Outback and the famed Ayer's Rock, Australia's scenery and climate will dazzle you. Remember, summer and winter occur during the opposite months of the year from the U.S., so plan your thinking accordingly.


Academic Programs Include

The Australian school year is divided into three 12 week terms. Single term, multiple term, and short term (4 to 6 week) programs are available. The school year in Australia is September to June. Our Australian host families live throughout the country. Students may participate in a variety of after-school activities such as sports and music. Both government and private schools are available, as is tutoring. Adventure trips are available for additional fees.

Program Costs Includes homestay, school, flight, and health and accident insurance

Length Cost (in USDs)
4-6 weeks $5200-6100
1 Term $8400-9600
2 Term $13000-15000
3 Term $19,000-21,500

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