My internship in the summer was, as far as I can judge it now, the best decision I have ever made. The Taylors were great host parents and we had loads of fun together. Even my internship at the Grafton Recreation Parks was a great experience and great fun even though I had concerns in the beginning. And even if it was for only 6 weeks my English has improved a lot. All in all I can recommend an internship for nearly everyone and I am sure that it will be a great experience, I think especially if you are staying in one of the less favored regions.

- Jonas, German Summer Total Immersion/ Internship Program

I’ve worked for a larger exchange program but the details were not arranged well. Adventure Homestays is top of the line because every detail is arranged so the program runs smoothly from start to finish. The owner and local coordinators are responsive, hands-on, caring and know their area to match great host families and make sure each student gets a great trip

- Ellen O., MA

My students are all very pleased and happy with their host families. You did a great job. We’re coming back next year!

- Christian S., teacher chaperone, Germany

I now have an American brother, sister and family I’ll always cherish.

- Siyuan Y., Beijing, China

I would be glad to share our very positive family experience being ahost family!  For one thing, the opportunity to bring a young person in to our home has allowed my wife and I to help our children to a better understanding of the world we all live in. Truly, a more "global" perspective has been provided to our kids because of these opportunities.

We love the life-long friendships that were made by opening our hearts and our doors to these kids! I really believe that my family's foundation has been made stronger because of the exchange of culture and humanity that this program provides. The one draw back is the inevitable day that you must return them to their own home. There is such a bond that is made, a connection made on a family scale, which can really tear at the heart. However, there is a hope that one day you will see them again, perhaps, with their own family! And sometimes, just getting the occasional email, letter, or photograph from your "kids" can really help to remember the terrific friendships and time well spent with them

- Sean and Jamie D, Host Family in Utah

Hi Basil!
I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to update you on my travels, but I wanted to let you know I've been having an absolutely amazing year so far! Ecuador was exactly as I'd hoped it to be; I had a wonderful host family with kids my own age who I could hang out with and a very comfortable house with my own bedroom and bathroom. My classes were a lot of fun; the jewelry making class turned out to be a sort of silver smithing course that was part of the curriculum in an actual art institute, and all of my classmates were university-age Ecuadorian students, some of whom became my close friends. The guitar classes were also really great; again, the other students were all Ecuadorian, though they were mostly a bit younger, ranging from elementary to high school age. The teacher was very good, and he would find the sheet music for any song I wanted to learn and help me through it. These music classes actually became my favorite part of the day, and now I have a good foundation to keep practicing the guitar on my own. My host sister from my previous trip to Ecuador was also studying there in Quito and living in an apartment with a friend, so I saw her often and went back with her a couple times to spend the weekend with my old host family in the small nearby town of Cotacachi. I also spent my last week of my trip with them, and it was fantastic to see them again; they really are like my own family and I miss them all so much! My host sister is actually trying to get a visa to be able to come and spend the summer with me this year. It was perfect because I really did end up speaking Spanish the whole time and very little to no English, so I really felt my vocabulary and conversational skills improved immensely. I just wanted to thank you so much for all of the help you've given me to get this homestay and my classes set up; this trip would not have been possible without you and I look forward to an even better experience in France in March! Hope you had a great New Year!

- Gretchen Walker

This immersion was an educational, cultural and fun experience for both local and visiting students. We’d be happy to open our schools again. Well done!

- Rich L, Principal, Grafton, MA

We had a wonderful guest, learned a lot about China and I was amazed at what a kind and thoughtful host my daughter could be.

- Beth T., Grafton, MA

I would host for you anytime. The kids are great and the program is seamless

- Maureen T., MA

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